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We are a business to business wholesaler and sell both large and small volumes for export. If you wish to do business with us you can apply for a customer account. As our customer you can compose your own orders with the goods you want to buy. We always provide a diverse and balanced amount of goods that have a good quality and we utilize 100% of the shipping container’s volume. Start shopping now and compose your own order very easily on this webshop!

Note that some of our products are sold by the volume, and that for these products you will sometimes not be able to specifically hand pick a certain peace or set. Give us a clear picture of what you need, and we will do all we can to provide this in a consistent way.


The price of an order will greatly depend on what’s in your order and the total volume you want to purchase. Payments can be done thru bank transfer or Paypal. Note that a receipt of advance payment must be visible to us before we start the loading process. Full payment must be visible before shipping.

Loading & Shipment

After a receipt of payment is confirmed the items will be loaded by our professional stuffing team on the day of your choice, and shipped. The total delivery time will depend on your location and transporter.

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What is an antiquity?

An antique is a piece that has reached an age that makes it attested to the past. To consider an object as an antiquity is something subjective, and depends on the type of object. Antiques are usually bought and sold at antique dealers. Vintage fashion is hitting hard in the westernized world and that has caused the appearance of many businesses that try to offer these products.

While antiques undoubtedly pay homage to the past, exhibiting them in a more modern way can give new life to their spaces.

“The personal touch of adding antiquities to a modern space allows them to stand out much more than what was shown in an exhibition room, breaking the monotony of a room of the time,” said Benoist F. Drut, owner of the Maison Gerard gallery in the city of New York.

“Curing antiquities inside an interior gives the space a narrative,” said Georgina Wood, design director at Taylor Howes, based in London. “There is something around the poetry that adds when juxtaposed against a modern canvas, it is often found that when a piece is removed from a traditional environment, the character of the piece stands out more and has more impact.”

When we appreciate old articles we are also evaluating the step and all that this entails at a historical, sentimental and social level. At A-exports we are a respectful team with all the objects, both with the most important piece and with the most humble, all of them contribute with their grain of sand and all have great importance. You will always find pieces for every type of collector, whether capricious, curious or people with good taste.

What can we find at A-Exports?

Constant surprises! In the first place, objects that move our heart and our memory transport us to any time in history. From an antique painting, graphic work, sculpture, ceramics and porcelain, silver objects, ivory figures (with certificate of antiquity), antique objects, furniture and decorative art in general.

With experience in evaluating these pieces, we have been specialized for several years in the sale of various objects, art and antiques in Holland, Belgium and its surroundings. Our professional work happens, first of all, it allows us to give a serious and special attention to each one of our clients.

Classification of antiques

In the world there is a great variety of antiques and each corresponds to a particular taste of collectors. Although there may be occasions in which those interested in the varied collections of objects from different periods, materials or artistic manifestations or field objects and others, antiques are like everything, a variety that satisfies the personal taste of each collector and which naturally strive to classify in an appropriate way.

There are antiquities from offices. Truly amazing! For those who enjoy making a collection with objects of desks, lecterns, disused typewriters, even tile and furniture and everything concerning a work environment. But there are also those who love the collections of objects such as war, and especially the Second World War, as well as weapons that are boats among other objects.

It is very popular to acquire objects related to farm work, because used in decoration give way to what is known as historical decoration and are more accessible in price and much easier to obtain. But there are also those who enjoy collecting silver objects, whether they are utensils made in it that are intended for use in the office that spoons, plates and trays and other household and kitchen appliances, or fountain pens, accessories and all other silver .

Like the plant there is a great movement within the collection of collectible products, copper, iron, stone, and small that large or relatively old in this case some are not 100 years ago but because they fell in disuse for some time become coveted antiquities.

Depending on the materials they are, a large or small collection can be achieved, logically that a variety of stone antiques is much more expensive to acquire and maintain, because some date back to antiquity and many as sculptures or small pieces of furniture are not accessible to most collectors and is located in cultural venues.

In contrast silver antiques are more accessible due to the constant sale of family assets that sometimes, especially in Europe, can cover centuries of existence in beautiful games of silverware, shields and other small objects that are the golden dream of a collector.

Do your antique business

You wonder what it is to do business in this context. It is simply buying cheap and selling at a high price. Maybe you’ve seen TV shows about people who rummage through old country houses or second-hand shops with the hope of finding lost treasures to take advantage of. They are exciting and addictive, as is the intrigue of the search itself. It is not only now when the search for antiques has become fashionable. In fact, it was something important during the 70s and 80s. As the styles changed, many people were throwing away old items, such as furniture that was outdated. But the styles keep changing. What might not be popular 10 or 20 years ago may come back into fashion now and thus gain value. At A-Exports we offer everything you need to do your own business, excellent quality, variety, price and advice. And of course, a constantly changing stock.


There are multiple shipping options you can choose from when finishing your order.

  • Take care of transportation yourself: The client will take responsibility on arranging the transportation of his/her order. Please make an appointment with us for determining when your order can be loaded for depart. Loading your order can be finished in 1 to 2 days. 
  • Let us take care of arranging transportation: We’ll look for the best quotation for transporting your order to you. Because of our global contacts in transportation we can definitely get you a fair market price. When you have accepted the quotation, transportation costs will be separately invoiced.
  • Store your order provisionally in our warehouse: When finishing the order checkout, the products you have bought are 100% yours. But if you not yet wish to transport this order to you, then you can make use of our storage service. We’ll store all your goods in our warehouse until you’re ready for shipping them. Storage costs are applied from 1 square meter. The first 4 weeks are free, then costs are €1 / week / m2 and will be invoiced separately. Full payment must be visible to us before shipment. 

Note the full payment of your order must be visible to us before we allow shipment.

FURNITURE EXPORT is a professional furniture exporter from Belgium. We’re a business to business wholesaler of antiques, furniture, decoration and much more… In our stock you’ll find many different styles and qualities of furnitures, ranging from Antiques like Barrock, Louis, Chippendale, Spanish style, Gothic, French, Renaissance, Art deco, Art nouveau, Empire, Breughel, etc… to simple plain oak (or other wood) furniture.

We’ve been exporting furniture for years and have specialized ourselves in supplying custom made containers. Create an account and start composing your container of furniture now right here on our webshop!


Since the human being exists, there is also the motivation and the need to find ways to distract and have fun, this is much more common in children and we know how important and vital it is for development, toys in childhood They provoke a diversity of sensations and are an important part of our learning.

That’s why at we market the best toys wholesale with a lot of love and satisfaction. We are a wholesale distributor of toys that offers a wide variety of children’s items, with assorted and varied desires. Toys imported wholesale from the origins of Belgium and Holland complete our catalog of articles. You can make your purchase from our wholesale toy store online. We ship to any side of the world, everything is sent through containers with high security at the time of loading and packing the merchandise. offers European quality wholesale toys products.

A wide variety of wholesale toy options in Europe are available, such as plastic, plush and wood. You can also find comic toys, construction toys toys wholesale from Europe. All toys have the “CE” mark, meaning that all our toys have safety approval. You can guarantee the safety of the products by selecting from certified suppliers.

As wholesale distributors of toys we give you the opportunity to select from our online catalog among thousands of items and buy toys specifically intended to ensure fun for the little ones.

We also distribute a variety of games and educational toys for children to develop their skills while having fun. At we offer you the possibility to buy comfortably wholesale puzzles, such as the always successful Puzzle puzzles, Puzzle or games of lace and skill. Choose from a wide range of scientific or creative games.

They will be able to find wooden toys, which are again very fashionable thanks to the Montessori and Waldorf pedagogies. These two educational systems have brought out all their benefits in the development of children, which is why their demand is increasing. Board games are also present in our wholesale stock. Classics such as Monopoly or Connect 4 together with the latest novelties in games for the whole family.

We distribute the products of the main toy brands from our warehouses in Belgium. All the universe of the magical world of Mattel (Barbie, Fisher Price, Monster High, Mega Bloks or Hot Wheels) or Hasbro (Nerf, Playdoh, My Little Pony, or Doh-Vinci) among many others.

In our basic toy section, we bring you thousands of cheap toys that, although they do not have a television campaign behind, delight children and allow them to offer an economical alternative for those customers who do not want to spend a lot.

On our page you can find our items not divided into categories, we only have:

  • Category A ++: A ++ toys have a high value and are in excellent condition. They are like new, with a very minor wear.

This merchandise is sold by volume at a fixed price per cubic meter.

Discover also our proposal of games and outdoor toys, including bicycles, riders, cars and electric vehicles of different brands. And of course the most sought-after children’s toys. All this in a single distributor, that offers thousands of games and toys at the best price in its wholesale catalog online.

Find child toys, girl toys, baby toys, Unisex toys. All kinds of toys, with an excellent value for money, good quality, novelty, great variety. We put all our effort to be able to offer you an excellent good service, so that you also continue choosing us. For all our team this is very simple, since we are very clear about the goal of growing to be with each of our clients in the development of their business or company.

We want to show you that we are a company with great capacity for initiative and extensive experience in the toy sector. And we want to highlight our dynamic spirit and our affinity to find, day by day, the best way to a much more successful and successful corporation with each of our clients. We integrate a real work team made up of trained personnel to respond to the needs of our customers. Our years of experience in the distribution of toys guarantee the quality of the products we distribute.

At we offer everything you need to do your own business, excellent quality, variety, price and advice. now also sells used toys for export. We’re a business to business wholesaler and sell used toys by the volume. The used toys products are divided onto 2 categories: Hard and soft toys: Hard toys are all toys made of plastic, wood or metal. Soft toys are stuffed animals.

The toys are packed in bags or boxes and get stuffed tightly in the export container. Other then toys we also sell used furniture, clothing, kitchenware, home decoration and many other products for export. We’ve been exporting professionally for years and have specialized ourselves in supplying custom made containers. Create an account and start composing your container with used toys now right here on our webshop!


At A-Exports we are distributors for any place in the world, we sell exclusively wholesale, of various Belgian and Dutch brands.

In our collection of home decoration and wholesale kitchen items can find a wide range of accessories, collector’s items and practical items for day to day. The interior of each home serves to differentiate, shape our personality and express as an individual, and this collection will help their clients to achieve it and that they can provide in their businesses the best quality of sales to their customers. In our wholesale home decoration collection you can find a wide range of accessories, including collector’s items and practical items for day-to-day use. The interior of each home serves to differentiate, shape our personality and express how we are each, and in these collections of merchandise help their customers to achieve it. In the team of A-Exports we enjoy what we do and we are passionate about doing the best we can, because our mission is to constantly provide beautiful products whether they are antiques or modern and provide a service that facilitates life, easy for you when buying wholesale! We provide the best advice for you and your business or company.

As in many other categories, we provide extensive collections with exclusive designs so you will surely find unique pieces of great value that will make your store special, company or local. We renew our catalog introducing new features constantly. Convene and convince your customers with our line and quality of home decoration products and kitchen items.

At A-Exports we are dedicated exclusively to the wholesale sale of decorative items and kitchen items.

Our catalog includes a careful selection of decorative decorative accessories such as pots, kitchenware, ornaments, lamps, utensils, decorative accessories, as well as themed products such as Christmas, babies, weddings and more. We are distributors for several countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. We have all the articles for home, decoration and kitchen that you are looking for your business, in A-Exports we like to give an elegant and unique touch in any room of the clients home , they will be satisfied with their purchases. In recent years, we have focused our efforts on presenting styles of articles for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or garden that offer practicality with pleasure.

We have several years of experience in providing merchants, companies, and distributors with a wide range of decoration products. Everything you may need in the field of wholesale decoration, we may have it available in our stock or in the online store, if not, contact us and we will surely find it. The goal is to become your usual product provider. As wholesalers in decoration and kitchen products, we offer you the best brands, with the best value for money. Also, if you register on our website you can access the special prices for companies.

We always offer the maximum profitability of our customers, therefore as a wholesaler of decoration, we choose our products with these premises, rotation, products that we know that the public likes, and that generate demand and also continuity of sale. Our experience will avoid bad business, we advise them in a personalized way in each order they make, A-Exports is a serious and established company, and we also focus on the constant improvement of processes and the quality of our services.

We at A-Exports are clear that we sell what is sold. Just visit our latest decoration products. We have the principles of price, safety, reliability, is what you will find in this wholesale merchandise supplier, that most of the suppliers will not offer you with this quality-price ratio.

On our website you can find our articles divided into different categories, which are:

  • Category A ++: A ++ items have a high value and are in excellent condition. They are like new, with a very minor wear. Contains antiques as well. High-end product range.
  • Category A +: A + items have good value and are in good condition Some minor wear may be visible, this is our most sold product range. Very high resale value and fast stock rotation in your store or business.
  • Category A: Items at a budgetary value and a little lower quality. In a rare case some cleaning may be desired. All items are whole and not damaged, securely packed in silk paper and carton boxes.

Our office and warehouses are located in Belgium and this is where everything begins. This material is packaged mainly from cardboard boxes for bananas. The minimum volume is 1 pallet (20 boxes). We pack only fragile items that are not cracked, chipped or broken. These are wrapped in a protective material and fit tightly into the boxes.

We want to show you that we are a company with great initiative and extensive experience. And we want to highlight our dynamic spirit and our desire to find, day by day, the best way to a much more successful and successful corporation with each of our clients. We integrate a real work team made up of trained personnel to respond to the needs of our customers. Our years of experience in distribution guarantee the quality of the products we distribute.

At A-Exports we offer everything you need to do your own business, excellent quality, variety, price and advice.