A-Exports is a business to business wholesaler. We distribute a broad choice of secondhand goods ranging from high-end antiques to everyday household items like home decoration, clothing, kitchenware and much more. Rather then quantity we like to aim for a top quality service. We ship about 40 tons of this material per week (5 x 40 ft containers per week).

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Our company’s philosophy is to reuse everything that can be reused. To many good things are being thrown away, while they could get a second life somewhere else. To reuse is not only a more logic option. It’s better for our ecology and most of all for the people. In this way affordable reusable items can reach people that can not afford to buy new products. Our aim is to create a win-win situation for everyone. Reusing creates a deep satisfying feeling, it’s good for the previous owners, for the economy, ecology, and as said especially for the new owners.


A-Exports was founded as a project for exporting second hand material for commercial & humanitarian projects in South America. In just 3 years it evolved from being simply a hobbyist project into a serious trading company.

Having our own chain of shops in South America we know it’s important to have a reliable supplier. Therefore we give ourselves 100% to supply our clients with:

  • What you pay is what you get
  • Good quality products
  • A diverse and balanced amount of goods
  • 100% full and nicely stuffed shipping containers/trailers, with perfectly packed products.
  • Extra optional services like taking care of shipping, paperwork and finding certain goods that you need.
  • Full support
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How we operate?

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Class Guide

A furniture have a budget value and some minor restoration may be wanted.

A+ furniture items have a good value and are in good contition. Some minor wear may be visible, but can easily be fixed.

A++ furniture items have a high value and are in excellent contition. They’re like new, with very minor wear.

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